Friday, September 3, 2010

2/3 finished!!!!!!!

No picture, just a mention that we are now 2/3 finished with the fair work.  Really it is not the worst in the world but I will be so happy when Tuesday morning comes and I have slept for a while and then be able to say, "It is done for the year."  Will I do it next year, I do not know but time will tell.

We are having a bit of early fall cool weather.  It actually feels good but I think it is too cool for early September.  At noon it reads 56 with a biting wind.  Last night the parking lot was chilly so did not ride bike.  Cynthia did ride for about 45 min she said and she warmed up that way but me, I walked back and forth in the lot for about an hour.  I am sure it will be cooler tonight as the projected low is 49, wow.

I am going to venture to the fair this afternoon.  Will use one or two of my tickets for free sweet corn on a stick.  The guy gave me 19 which many will not be used.  Other than that I will have to get a bucket of fries.  Well maybe not a bucket as the "lonely guy" can not eat that much.  It certainly will be different going alone and I am sure not the most fun but will try it and see how it is.  This may be a test run to see if I like to do things alone or if I need to find people to go with.  At this point I hate to ask people if they would like to go some place with me.  Not sure why but that is the way it is.  Maybe I have a hidden fear of being rejected and that would squash my self esteem and I would need to pay to go to counseling!  I will venture into the stores in the grandstand as a friend is working a booth there and will say hi.  I do think I will wear jeans and a sweatshirt.  I did go out into the garage and use my trusty leather punch to make 2 more holes in my belt.  Much cheaper than buying a new belt.  The difficulties of losing weight. 

I continue to work through Aaron to get work started on that road bike that I will get.  Found out a new measurement that is needed and interesting way to measure it.  For a bike frame inseam you need to stand against the wall with feet about 6 inches apart.  You then use a hard cover book to put in your crouch as if you are riding a bike and apply 25 pounds of pressure which is supposed to be about what you would do if you were sitting on a bike.  You then measure the height from the floor to the binding of the book(make sure the binding is up and not down).  NOW YOU KNOW SOMETHING YOU ALWAYS NEEDED TO KNOW AND NEVER BOTHERED TO FIND OUT.

I just took a pizza out of the oven.  When it cools I will cut it, put it into the cooler and then Cynthia and I will have dinner tonight.  I will try to heat it up in a little grill that I have.

No, this may be enough for today.  Got to get ice in the cooler, get things on better order in the truck, try to find a DVD player and maybe Cynthia and I could watch some movies when we are working so hard at the parking lot.  My house is beginning to look like hurricane (name?) hit on Niles Ave.  Will need to get things in better order next week.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Carmen, that measurement thingy was really more information than was needed but interesting just the same. Thanks a lot.