Friday, September 17, 2010

A Beginning

I started on a house project today.  It has been so so long since I did something like that.  It felt good and even if I did not get very far on it the beginning was wonderful.  I have had temperary steps from the deck to the garage for a long time and even at that they were rotted and broken.  I took them out today and am ready to put in new ones this weekend.  After that it is wood shop time, time for a new door knob on the back door and my oh my this old house may start to look like it is alive again.  And at the same time I may start to look that way!!

I made 4 trips to a lumber yard today looking, figuring and deciding how to do those steps.  Gail thought I ran too many errands and was gone too much and maybe she was right. Better planning, I don't know what the answer is but I should try to change a bit. 

My new motto is one day at a time and I have tried to practice it the last two days,  Well two days is better than none at all and I will try to continue my success again tomorrow.  Maybe and hopefully I could be getting oh so close to normal.  I think people who know me may be in shock. 

I am going to bed early tonight as there is a 7:00 AM meeting at my house tomorrow.

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