Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So be it

Here are 2 of grandpa's 3 little granddaughters.  Audrey on the left and Faustina on the right.  They, along with Ruby Gail are so cute.  Of course they are not any more special than those little grandsons, just cute in an entirely different way.

Cynthia and I made it.  12 days and 145 hours later we are no longer employed by the Minnesota State Fair and now our task is to catch up on our sleep.  On the way home this morning I stopped by one of my favorite cafes, Keys.  It is kind of a down home, greasy spoon place that has good food and HUGE amounts.  I purchased a paper, sat down and ordered a spinach omelet.  When it came I could not see the plate and I thought this will be my food for all day.  Well little did I realize I am now on a different wave length in my eating and the omelet was not even very good.  I ate a fourth of it and left the rest.  No more Keys Cafe for me, too much food, too greasy and just not my style anymore.  I would have saved money and enjoyed it more if I had driven a block farther and ordered a senior coffee with a burrito but live and learn I guess.

I arrived home and did my thing of taking care of Wallace, jumping in the tub and then looking at anything that may be on e-mail.  Cynthia stopped by and by the time it was bed time I could sleep a tiny bit so it will be early to bed today and a good night's sleep in my own bed.  I will need it as I plan to go on a 40 mile bike ride tomorrow with 5 other people.  Should be fun but hope the weather is nice.  I am so tuned in to taking sharp corners in the parking lot not sure I will know how to ride on a straight path any more.  During the fair I was able to put on 125 miles by riding in the lot but of course that was all turns, flat and round and round.  I am excited to get out in the open air again and see what God's play ground looks and smells like again.  Speaking of biking I have gotten all the info to Aaron for a new road bike so that may be ordered today.  I think there is about a 4-5 week turn around at Waterford bikes where the frame will be made so I do not plan to ride it until next year.  After the frame comes the components need to be put on and other things have to be added to make it a real bike.  Kind of hard to ride only a frame!!!!

As I sit here and write I think I may be getting tired!  Time to go and see if I need a nap.  Really I should go outside and get some work done but may be able to do some of that later in the day. 

I have spent some time today going back and reading the blog of a year ago.  Oh my I can not really do much of that.  Too many memories, too many heart aches, too much pain.  so much has happened in the last year that a year ago seems like eternity.  The changes, the new life, the pain and agony of going through life day by day is sobering yet I can see so much of God's love and grace.  I do not know if it is good for me to go back there now.  I think not.  Maybe in the future it will be OK.

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Anonymous said...

Great pic of you and the girls. I can tell you've lost weight, your face is thinner. You're looking good for an OLDER brother! My best advice, forget everything you need to do for a couple of days. It'll be there when you catch up on your rest. Take it one day at a time, if you try to cram too many things in you don't do any of them justice! That from your wise younger sib!