Friday, September 24, 2010

A Windy Day

For some reason this blog changed the picture thing so I am having problems loading them.  Will go without for today.
Today is an interesting weather day.  Chilly, windy and very cool.  Not a good bike riding day for sure so here is another day without a ride.  I need one soon.

I am catching up on a few things at home.  Made a trip to the insurance place and made arrangements to get a crack in the truck window fixed.  That had needed to be done for a long time.  I purchased a new land line phone yesterday so unpacked that and have it plugged in.  I only had one phone that was working and I need three I think.  One for downstairs, one up upstairs and one for the garage.  I also called Verizon as I received a very bad text message yesterday.  Never had that happen in the past and was upset as there is no place for junk like that text was.  They were little help but I did want them to know that kind of thing should not be happening.
Don F came over for lunch and that was nice.  Still have tomatoes so bacon and tomato sandwiches was on the menu. 
I wanted to get a haircut but that did not work out. 
It is hard to believe that we are now in the last Friday of September.  Of course one could ask where the month went but that makes me sound like an old person I think.  Of course the time always seems to fly by and the seasons come and go without pause.  I have found that as I become a more mature person I desire less and less to pause as that means I may miss out on something important. 
It seems I have had little of importance to write about in these last days but maybe that is a good thing.  I guess time will tell.

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