Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The first person who guesses who this is and with their guess sends me their name and address will get a package from me!!

A rather normal slow peaceful day.  Not much to say.  Slept until 6: 15 or so, had a nice time with Larry B this afternoon, Cynthia came over twice which was nice, and I did get some things picked up, thrown and recycled again.  Every little bit helps. 

Travis and I had a great time last night at the Twins game.  Some friends have a suite and they invited us to join them.  I am pretty upset as I NEVER want to go as a common folk to a game again.  Oh my gosh the view was great, the place was like home and the game was fun.  Can't get any better than what we had last night and on top of that the Twins won and are now only 2 games away from winning the division crown. 

Another wonderful day of weather.  We had .4 inches of rain last night but the day was perfect.  This fall weather just can not be beat.  Good for fun, good for work and good for whatever a person wants to do.  Speaking of that in the next few weeks it is window time as those old screen need to come down and those old storms need to be put on.  Maybe tomorrow it will be time to get the AC units out of the windows which would be nice.  I can do that alone as they are not all that heavy. 

The kids had half a cow and a pig delivered here today.  No no it was all dead-cut-wrapped for the freezer!  All of it just barely fit into the freezer.  A fourth of it is gone already and will have to get some more out in the next day or so.

No, that is it for the day.  A little more work to be done before the Twins are on TV.

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Anonymous said...

Drool Boy is Henry Lee! Looks like he was teething...sweet.