Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kind of short

My day is cut a bit short as I took in David Wind's wedding this afternoon.  I just returned from up town to get a couple of things to eat for tonight in the lot.
There is not much new as I just continue to count down on this state fair work.  We now only have 3 nights left and we will be home free.  Last night it was down to 48 so there was a chill in the air big time and I stayed in the warm pick up for some of the early morning hours.  I did get in 10 miles on my bike but too chilly for any more. 

I did take in the fair for a few hours.  Not the ideal thing to go solo at the fair but it was not bad either.  The last time I was there was in 2008 with Gail, Henry and Liam.  I enjoyed the memory time but of course there were tears too. I think I could remember each of the things we did like go on the Ferris wheel, eat french fries, have some special ice cream, Henry and I went on the sky ride, went through the old train in heritage square, listened as they started up some old tractors and I am sure there were other things too.

Enough, I need to get some things done before we go to work.

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