Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Them are happy campers for SURE

Liam looks like the big guy as they often chew on a piece of grass when outside and Jude loves to wave good bye, wave hello and just wave. 

Well well well Cynthia and I reached the mountain top at 6:00 AM this morning and as 6:00 PM rolls around we are on the way down down to the bottom(Sept 7@8:00AM).  Nice night last night with cooler temps and not much wind.  I have been trying to get some exercise in on my bike during the wee hours of the morning when nothing is happening.  I ride my bike around the lot which is about the size of a city block.  Did not intend to ride too much last night but the more I rode the more determined I was to ride on.  Maybe it was good for an old body or maybe it used pent up energy or maybe the tiny little glitches of life caught up with me but what ever the reason I finally got off the bike at about 2:25 AM as the computer on the bike showed 25.2 miles.  It felt good.

We are now into September, wow.  With that of course comes yard clean up, storm windows, get the garage ready to park the truck in and of course that isn't even on my "must do list" so will spare that list least someone reads it and says that is impossible.  I do not want to be down and out before I attempt something.

I will miss men's group again tonight because of work.  It seems that I have been so busy with so many things that I have missed more events than I have gone to lately.  I do have a wedding on Saturday and I will not miss that but then I will have to go to work before the reception starts--such is life I guess.

I called my little sister last night but she was not home.  I suppose now that she has achieved the status of the "milestone" age she is out partying and things like that. 

I did get an e-mail from brother Dave and I had to print it out.  I laughed as when I read it I thought I was getting an e-mail from our dad.  Some of the wording in it sounded just like dad.  Might it be the case that all of us become more like our parents as we age gracefully?

Poor Wallace has not gotten any attention for a long time now and I know he feels it.  Starting with camp in early August he has been so neglected.  It was great as he did get a phone call when I was gone last night and even though he was bothered that his paw could not touch the talk button he did enjoy the message that was left and he was much happier today knowing that he is not totally forgotten. 

Enough for now.  I should be sleeping but could not get to sleep.  I do need to run some errands today.  Need to stop at a bike shop, need to get propane for the grill and maybe I need an Americano coffee at Starbucks.  The only sad thing is with my high paying night work I have to work a long time to pay for that darn Americano drink.  Is it worth it?

My home made salsa was a hit.  I brought it to work last night and it was gone in about 30 min and then for the next hour we all breathed fire!!

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