Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The end of another month

Here is Cynthia working hard at the employee parking lot which we watch each night.  She is almost finished with a baby sweater that is really cute.  As you can see the work is hard and never ending.  You also see the props.  The coffee to stay on top of your game but mostly to stay awake, the top shows some barriers so people don't run you over in their hurry to get home and of course the knittiing needles which serve to keep the hands busy.  Now the mind, who knows where it may go or what it may entertain!!

We did have a storm move through the lot this morning about 3:30.  I am guessing it gave us an least an inch of rain and it was also windy.  That is the first rain we have had this year.  Today is supposed to be the beginning of the end of our hot spell.  As I write the temp is 82 and yesterday at this time it was 90+ so cooler fall like weather is on the way.

Not much more to say.  Now and for the next 7 days it is work 13 hours of the day, sleep 4-6 if possible and the rest of the time try to get a tiny bit of things done.  As the saying goes, this too shall pass and on the other side the sun will shine brightly. 

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