Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can't Believe

I can not believe it has been 3 days since I last wrote.  I am not sure if that is good or bad.
I am about to leave for Madison and then South Bend.  Will take in a wedding tomorrow and then head out to Madison Saturday morning and then to South Bend on Sunday.  I am excited to see John/Mary, the kids and their new house.  I feel I have not seen Aaron/Amy, Leo and Ruby Gail for a long time so am excited to see them too. 

This week has been a time of decamping my mind, my heart and my house.  Not sure how successful I have been on any of those fronts but I am trying.  I do feel so so much better now that camp is behind me.  It was so good, so fruitful and so blessed but to have it in the past is very good for my emotional state. 

When I return on Tuesday I need to get into the mind set of working the state fair for 12 nights but it will be fun to do that with Cynthia.  Then I will be finished with that the morning of September 7th and at that time I KNOW I will be at a place to get back to my woodshop, house projects etc. 

I will try to write a bit before I leave on Saturday but I know when I return next week I will be full of things to say.

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kbornhoft said...

Have a good trip Carmnen. Tell everyone we say hi and miss them.