Friday, August 27, 2010

Can you see my teeth?

Here is Ruby Gail just short of 7 months showing off her teeth.  She is a cutie.
I am home from my first night at the fair parking lot.  I must not be too excited to do it this year as I would have to say it is nice to have 1 of the 12 nights behind me!
I will have to bring long pants as the temp was a bit cool in the early morning hours.  I still say 12 hours is too long but then why would I complain when I would not HAVE to do it so I should keep my mouth closed and just do it.
I really should be in bed now as I stayed up for all but an hour of the night.  Too many waking hours and too few sleeping hours for this guy.  I will try to get to sleep soon and then maybe get up around noon or so.
I do have some things I need to do this afternoon before Cynthia and I leave again for the 6:00 starting time.  The weather says over the weekend is should be hot and then cool down early next week again. 
I think I am recovered from camp almost so that is a good sign.  It did take me a long time this year. 
Not much more to say as I am getting more tired by the word.

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