Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A day closer

No picture today, only thoughts that we are now only 5 days from the beginning of camp.  It has gotten so I think I can taste it!!!   I have now printed out the final list of 211 campers.  Please no more new campers at this time.  The staff list is complete so hopefully no changes in that either.  Many of the loose ends are being mended, tied up, cut off or whatever!  The many many things that Gail ALWAYS did are slowly being done by me and a legend of others.  Of course not in the same orderly neat precise way but they are getting done.  For sure I know that they are not being done with the same selfless joy that Gail seemed to have cornered and worked out of all the time but I do so much appreciate the work so many are doing.  
Maybe the weather will give a a bit of a break today.  Monday, 95 and humid, Tuesday, 93 and humid but I think today should be a tad better.  As for next week I am not sure.  I vividly remember several years ago when on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had a heat index over 110 each day.  Lord please not that again. 
Of course I would be remiss if I did not mention that little sister Helen is counting the days until Saturday, August 7, not because of my camp but rather that is her BIG birthday---I can hardly wait.
No I could not sleep so was up at 4:00 so I may try to get some more shut eye before the sun peeks over the eastern horizon.

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