Monday, August 30, 2010

Some success

Here is some fruit of my labor.  Now I would be the first to say that I have not done much work with the garden but the tomatoes are very good and I did start them from seed.  I am claiming that my green thumb of farming from my childhood is not completely gone.  What am I going to do with all the tomatoes?   I do not know.  I remember on the farm one of our favorite foods during tomato season was to cut them up and put cream and sugar on them!!!!!   Don't think I will eat like that today but I remember they were delicious then. 

I took some Advil PM and was able to sleep until 11:30 this morning--progress.  That means I should be good to go for a bit as 4 1/2 hr of sleep is the best I have done so far.  Now I am taking naps so they keep me going.  I do hate that Advil PM as when I wake up after sleeping it keeps me in a physical fog for some time.  That I can do without but when one needs sleep I guess it is necessary.

Another HOT day as the temp shows 95 out side in the shade.  I think this is the last of the HOT HOT days.  I have gotten to not really like hot weather all that much. 

I decided to not do the count down some much for the fair as it seems to drag then.  I am thankful on days like today that I am not standing out in the sun in the pavement telling people where to park.  That would be no fun.

As I sit here Wallace is by the back door cooling off.  He needs a hair cut big time but I try to do it only every 3 months and he isn't due until mid September.  His hair is so thick that on hot days he needs the coolness of the house. 

I did run some errands today so I can say that I did some work.  I THINK I am getting ready to take off with projects and things after the fair.  I did some work last night in writing down some goals, some areas to work on and projects to do.  But maybe, just maybe when the fair is history I will say, "Carmen you need some time off to regenerate your batteries" and with that I may be lazy again!!!!

I have a dr appt today at 4.  There is a wax build up in my left ear that needs to be taken out.  The way I have been for the last long time I am concerned that when they remove the wax they may look right through my head and see out the other side.  What a depressing thought that is. 

I am finding that my mood, my frame of mind or whatever one would call it is still going up and down and up and down but the down times are less and less and I feel a bit normal.  I am not claiming to yet be normal and in fact I am not claiming I ever was but the thought is positive.

Need to go and get some things done.

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