Saturday, August 21, 2010


It is Saturday, August 21 and I will be off to Madison and South Bend in a couple of hours.  Will stay with Aaron and Amy in Madison tonight and then with John and Mary in South Bend Sunday and Monday night.  I will get to see Henry the day after his birthday, their new house and see what part of South Bend they live in.  Should be fun but too short.  Maybe another trip before the end of the year.

It was fun last night going to Barb Ferber's wedding and reception.  The reception was at River Ridge and very nice. 

I am now slowly creeping up on September 14 and I don't know what to expect.  A year after Gail almost seems like it is impossible.  I may have said this before but truely I think I am doing so much better after camp.  Last night at the wedding reception I actually had a fun time.  I don't think that had happened before.  It was fun talking to people and being among so many friends.  I also had that feeling at Jude's birthday party on Thursday.  I enjoyed the time with family.  Maybe I am getting close to turning that corner and heading down a new road, a new life and into a time where I can live, dream and be kind of a new person.  Have I been here in the past?  I think close but not as close as I am now.  I will see and as I ponder I will really try to be positive and full of hope. 

No it is early but need to do a bit more packing, eat some breakfast and ready myself to get on the road.  I do not plan to blog while I am gone and will return Tuesday afternoon or evening.

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