Monday, August 2, 2010

Think cool

Here is a picture taken March 5, 21005.  It may be a good idea to think about this today.  It may cool you off or it may make you thankful for the weather we expect to have most of the week.
I had my annual physical today.  I think all the reports were A+.  I had a weight goal for today and I made it by 1 pound.  That means that I am now down to a weight that I have not seen since about 1990.  In return for losing 19 pounds since mid May my blood pressure is now down to an OK number.  My goal is to lose about 18 more pounds which would put me at my late 1970's weight and that would be very good.  I have found that I have needed to change my eating, eating less, but mostly I need to exercise and for me now it is riding bike.  I was able to ride 14 miles yesterday with an average speed of 15 MPH.  Most of the time I can clock in at maybe 12-13 but it felt good yesterday.  I talked to my dr about that this morning and then I commented that my oldest son went on a 30 mile ride Sunday and with some effort he averaged 21.5.  Dr laughed and said I am sure he is the spandex rider and you are the T-shirt/padded shorts guy and of course I said you are right!!!  What can I say, 63 and counting I guess I should be happy with 15 MPH.  It did turn out to be so fun and it kind of fueled the idea of a nice road bike but time will tell.  Regardless the point for me is I need/desire to lose weight and riding is a good way for me to do that at this time. 
Here it is noon on Monday and I am kind of avoiding camp work by blogging but that is not all bad.  Camp work does not go away and it will get done, one way or another.
Back to my physical dr said that my cholesterol was ideal which is the first time I have heard that.  I also make my weight goal by 1 pounds and I would say that is the first "personal goal" I have made for a long long time and it felt good.  One of the reasons I wanted to lose weight was I wanted no additional blood pressure meds and that happened so GOOD.
No I had better get busy on camp.  I also put in a load of white clothes so need to get them out on the line.  Most of you know that in thick or thin those domestic duties never cease to need to be taken care of. 

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