Saturday, July 31, 2010

A day to remember

Ten and a half months after we said good-bye to Gail many family and friends gathered at Resurrection to share, see the monument, pray and say perhaps another thank you and good bye to Gail. 
It was a good time, a sad time and maybe, just maybe for me a time that I needed so that I can continue to bank those wonderful memories and admit in a new way that Gail is gone physically from us forever.
I will not say much but I will write what I ended our gathering with today. 


There she was
Her radiant smile
it seemed to be
so bright

I was mesmerized
by it as she stood
there in the kitchen
she seemed so natural

She said good morning
In return
I took her face in my hands
Gentling kissing her lips

I knew that this day
It would be fun
It would be full
Full of life

As I slipped out the door
She followed as
Well she always did that
To say one last good bye

Of course I looked
As I drove away
I knew she was watching
I knew she would miss me

The kiss that she blew
It never grew old
It seemed to remain
There in the air each day

At school I was busy
Yet she remained
There in my thoughts
Almost by my side

As usual
I waited for the end
The end of another day
Home to her again

As I drove up
There I saw it
The kiss from this morning
Still in the air

Hurriedly I went inside
And there she was
In the kitchen
The same smile

Hi honey
I missed you today
She said that
Every day

But I knew
She meant it
Yes there was no pretense
Everything was real

But of course
It is no more
The image is vivid
But the presence is gone

No more hi honey
No more I missed you
No more wind blown kisses
Just memories

The memory of
Of happiness
Of times past
Of love so real

I can't forget
Her face was radiant
Her spirit was real
Her love unsurpassed

So today it is final
She is here yet
She is not
But her memory is forever.

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