Friday, July 16, 2010

A hot day

Here are Aaron and Amy on our family camp out.  They look both serious and busy and like they are having fun. 
A hot hot day.  I spent time outside hanging clothes, washing the car and a little biking and it was sweat weather.  Hard to keep enough liquid in the body.  I think it is supposed to be about the same tomorrow so the air will be off tonight but go on early tomorrow and stay on most of the day.
The latest word on the monument is that I will go to see the granite on Tuesday and they say it will be in within a week after that.  That means that it should be in place by July 27.  I was hoping that it would be in place before John/Mary go to South Bend and that should happen.
I am finding that more and more and more I am becoming the single guy.  I don't really like that idea but given my life situation right now it is what it is.  I am finding that even though I like to be alone some of the time I have found out that I would not be a good hermit and I really do need people in my life.  I am not so sure those people need me as much as I need them.  I am finding that nights are not so bad and I can and do function fairly well in the "alone/I" mode.  Today I washed a load of white clothes and hung them out on the line and it was not so bad.  I will never get to the place that Gail was and that was really loving those clothes hanging on the line but it is OK.  That reminds me that I do need to get them in before dark so they stay dry.  Now I just need to get into the place of not only bringing them in but folding them and putting them away.  I have come to believe that I never will learn how to keep white clothes white.  It seemed that Gail could put white clothes in the machine and like magic they would come out and look snow white.  Well my socks and T shirts are FAR from that but if they look OK and are clean I will be fine with that.
I continue to get some exercise in and watch fairly well what I eat so I have lost some weight but I do have a goal for this fall and hope I can meet it.  Like so many others perhaps I have a fist full of pants etc. hanging that I want and need to get into and I do think that can happen. 
I need to put an egg dish together tonight as there will be 5 men here at 7:00 tomorrow and they will be needing something to eat.  I will be using a dish that Aaron's Amy gave me and it should be pretty good.
I was able to get the car washed today and it looks nice.  It is amazing how fast it gets dirty.  Now that has not been a priority for a LONG time but now it is kind of fun to vacuum and wash it so that it looks nice. 
I have not seen John/Mary for a few days but as I drove past their house today I think one of her sisters is there. I t will certainly look funny the first time they come to visit and their plates on the car are either IN or MI,  I think I have those letters correct. 
No here it is past 7:00 and I told myself that I would try to watch some of the Twins game so will close for tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, you're going to have to learn some womanly things here! Clorox! That's a really good thing for white clothes. The directions are on the label and it works. Folding and putting away is good but do you iron? That is an entirely different process! Making a bed is pretty easy as well. When we next see each other I'll give you some pointers. After being in the Air Force I know how to bounce a quarter off one made properly. Not that helped me in life but it is what it is! What time you had with the camping trip really looked like fun.