Friday, July 23, 2010

It can be confusing!!

Here is an accurate picture of me for the last few days.  Try answering your land line phone and your cell phone at the same time!!!!  I have been working at honing my multitasking skills but the phones are just too too much.

I can not believe that picture.  I have been trying to lose weight but that neck is too ugly.  It looks like it is not meant to connect the head to the body!!

Camp is now in full swing.  We had our first camp meeting last night and that always gets things going.  The excitment is in the air, anticipation is there and it seems that God may be up to something big.  I can hardly wait.

I would certainly be remiss if I did not mention that I, and many others, miss Gail so so much.  I miss her smile as we worked, her sensational organizational skills, her unbelieveable attention to detail and perhaps most of all her never failing effort to cover my behind to the point that I had most people believing that I had things under control.  Now it is eat humble pie and "sorry" again and again and again but what can I say, it is what it is and God is in control.  Seriously this camp has been a challenge without Gail and I know it will be to the end.  God will be there as he always is but oh my one of God's beautfiul and wonderful servants is missed BIG time.

I took most of the day off as it is Friday.  Camp can be, if you let it, a 24/7 deal so I have always tried to take Friday off and regain my focus and rejuvinate my batteries.  It does help but the battery may be on low until camp is wrapped up.
 I am going to get outside a bit and see what I can do.  The weather is perfect.

Don't forget about little sister Helen.  The count down is now 15 days until the BIG DAY.  Better enjoy life while you can Helen.


Anonymous said...

It must run in the family, I have one of those necks also.
Dave DVL

Allen said...

Carmen, you look kind of lost with two phones on two ears.

Anonymous said...

Okay one of the alternatives to your neck would be no neck at all! LIke some of the football players their head just sits atop their shoulders! Now that's attractive! There's nothing wrong with you or Dave's necks at least your body looks balanced! You can cease and desist with the b'day reminders. I'm well aware of the upcoming date. Looking forward to it as it gives me free rein to speak my mind and people will just look at me and say "What do you expect, she's old"!