Sunday, July 25, 2010


Here is the family!!  Cynthia/Mike hosted a brunch for John/Mary and family this morning.  Of course we missed Aaron/Amy and family but everyone else was there.  We will again be together next Saturday as we dedicate the monument but today was perhaps the last time we will be together for a meal for some time.  Sure, there will be visits etc but that is not the same!!
  • Wish them well and we will miss them living here
  • We are so excited for John and his new job
  • We hope their new home is all and more than they expect
  • May all the thousands of details in their move be taken care of.
  • We hope their new schools and neighbor are wonderful
We thank:
  • Cynthia/Mike for a great brunch today
  • Lizzia for coming to be part of the day
  • Travis for being such a great uncle to the kids
  • The Lord for being so present and good to us all
It was a good day.  The brunch, the legal papers for the will and trust were all done, some camp work was done, camp staff assignments were mostly done at my camp meeting tonight and the list goes on for some time.
Our weather has been perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold and enough rains scattered so that no watering is needed.
We we enter the last week in July so a week from today is August 1st, hard to believe.
May August bring much happiness to little sister Helen!!!!!

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