Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy July

Things have been kind of crazy.
Travis will be over this morning,  We will pack and then be off to Red Barn Camp Grounds in Shell Lake WI for a 3 night family vacation.  It has been some time since EVERYONE in the family has been able to spend a vacation together and of course it will be the first since we lost Gail.  The memories of all of our New Year vacations are so wonderful and now we will start our "camping" memories as a family.  The next time we do this it will be different again as John/Mary will be coming from IN so as we all know life marches on.
As I pack(for the first time)  for camping the question I have is how much will I forget?  I have my list and will check it off as I put things in my plugger truck. What ever I forget we will have to camp without and have fun anyway.   
I will not be at the computer again until Monday afternoon when I return.

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