Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This gets old

I have not done much for the last 2 days other than ice my back, take my meds and sleep a lot.  It is getting kind of old but I do think my back is getting better.  The pain meds will be out in a day and then I will see how I feel.  I have been able to get some camp work done which HAD to be done and so that is good but the absence of walking and biking is not good.  I don't know when I will be able to get on the bike again but I hope it is not too long.
I have enjoyed Cynthia/Mike coming over the last 2 days to watch the semifinals of the World Cup but today I slept through much of the game.  I am a bit jealous of them as they will leave on vacation in a day or two. 
The summer is just flying bye.  Here we are finished with a week of July already and before I know it camp will be here.
We got another inch of rain today and that was after 8/10 of an inch a day ago.  I am thinking that all the rain will help with the shortage we have had for some time.  I could look but I think in the last 2 weeks we have gotten at least 6 inches of rain.  The grass continues to be so green.
I went out to Gail's grave site today.  I put down some weed killer on the site and am hoping it will make the grass look much nicer.  I do not know if a person should do that and maybe I should have asked.  Each time I go out there I have hope that the monument will be up but not yet.  They called to say it would be delayed 10-14 days and that was 2 weeks ago so it should be soon.  There is a new monument up right near where Gail is so that is nice.
I continue to struggle with what to do with all that needs to be done.  Actually I guess the struggle is how to live a happy life alone.  I think it is slowly coming but oh so slow.
Tomorrow I will be going to the wake of a 16 year old boy who was killed in a car roll over a few days ago.  Those times are still so hard for me.  I have learned that a person can not ask the "why".  There just is no answers to that so one must believe that God is always in control and understand that he always loves us in all situations.
No it is time to get some sleep.

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