Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kind of the same

Another day of no picture, not much happening and a peaceful day.  I don't ever remember a weekend like this for many many months.  There were some things happening but for the most part it was home, a little work, some rest and some alone time which for right now was most welcome. 
I did get some camp work done and it had better get done as 5 weeks from today camp 2010 will be history.  That is hard to believe but it is true.  I did get some of my data base up to date and plan to finish that tomorrow which will give me a good idea of numbers which I suspect may be down a bit.  What ever happens I have no complaints as God will do what he wants to do and he will, in his way, use people to get it done.  I guess if I knew what he wanted to get done we would not need God so best be tuned in, ready for what ever he wants.
An interesting thing has happened this weekend.  I have been able to some degree to change some of my thinking.  I can feel and sense a change in that it seems I am better able to focus on a task and when I think about Gail I am better at keeping it in memory terms and not so much saying I miss her so much.  That is a good thing and I pray and hope that it can continue.
That actually is enough for tonight.

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