Thursday, July 8, 2010

Not much new

Not much new today.  I think my back is a bit better each day but still is very sore and can't really do much.  I have been good about taking my meds for the back and I think they give me a dry mouth and make me tired.  I will be finished with them in a day or so.
I went to the wake for 16 year old Alex who died in a one car accident this week.  I could not stay for the prayers and slide show.  Just to close to all of that for Gail.  I will go to the funeral tomorrow too.
I think the whole thing kind of put me in a down kind of mood.  Going to things alone is difficult but going to those kind of things is double trouble.  I got offers to go with people but really that does not help so I did go alone. Lots of thoughts today, lots of memories and lots of "if only" kind of sentences but I know it is all part of life and one needs to move on to what God has. 
I have gotten some camp work done and much more to do so maybe I will do some of that tonight.

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