Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A morning in the park

Jude had a dr appt this morning so I arrived at Cynthia/Mike's at 5:45 to watch Faustina.  She woke at 8:10 and about the first things she said was let's go to the park!!  So a bottle of milk later we were at the park.  We played for about 45 min and then we went to see Wallace.  Jude arrived home by 11:15 and the dr said things went well.  They will have his kidney checked in a month or two to see if it is working correctly.  Lord come and heal it now.
A busy day.  Running around a lot and getting ready for our first pre-camp staff meeting tomorrow.  Lotz to do!!
I did not feel well at all this afternoon.  Very severe stomach cramps for much of the afternoon and evening.  I did not go to men's group because of that. 
Tomorrow will be more camp.
It now looks like the monument will be up early next week.  I went to look at how the writing

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