Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Those goofy kids

Here are Audrey, Faustina, Henry and Liam in the crib.  They get bigger and more goofy each day.  This was taken at our brunch Sunday.

Camp time continues barreling towards August 8!  Yesterday and today I got water ordered, shirts ordered and paper work done.  It continues to be an emotional struggle to fully engage but things are coming together and it will be good.  I think God will be up to big things.

I have been doing well lately.  This camp time of course is a challenge but I knew that would be the case.  Someone asked me at the community meeting how I was doing and I said on a scale of 1-10 I think I am about a 7:32!!  How I came up with that I do not know but I think it is pretty accurate. 

The temp hit 95 today and I did not get on the bike.  This morning it looked like rain so did not ride.  In fact my bike is still in the car from Monday when I took it to Cannon Falls to ride a bit on the Cannon River Bike Trail.  Never been on it before and it was really fun.  However I need to get the bike out and ride tomorrow if possible.  I did find out that when I lay the back seat forward I can get it in my car so maybe I will not get a hitch for a carrier, not sure.

This afternoon I took two roses out to the grave site.  It certainly is nice to have the monument in place.  I put a glass vase, with sticky tape on the bottom, on the bench.    I am not sure a person can put glass out there but I did.  Will see if they find it and say no.  They would like you to buy a brass vase that goes in the ground and of course they sell them for the bargain price of $600!!!!  I could do a lot of flowers for that.

I have been so busy it is difficult to get to the blog each day but hope to do that after camp again.  I continue to find that I enjoy writing. 

Enough, it may be Advil PM time and to bed early.

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