Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The three guys

Here are Leo, Henry and Liam in that order during our family campout July 4th weekend.
Not too much to say tonight. 
Camp is seeming to close in on all fronts as it is so close now and so much to do.  I am sure it will all get done but there is MUCH to do.
We had another rain today with .35 inches in a short time so the grass continues to grow so fast and stay so green. 
I feel that I am getting behind in many things as the yard, the garden the camp and other things seem to all peek at this time of the year. 
I did not sleep well last night, which is unusual now.  I actually have been sleeping pretty well for some time now.  I will try to get in early tonight as 6:00 AM meditations will come soon.  Those Thursdays are really good by they seem to come around very fast.
I have missed Cynthia and family as they are out of town on vacation this week and now am looking at only really 2 weeks and John will be in South Bend so time flies, life changes and who knows what is around the corner.

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