Monday, August 16, 2010

No bumper sticker

John and Mary drive a blue Dodge mini-van.  There must be a hundred in the area.  The only way I could tell if it was their van is a Trinity bumper sticker on the back.  So what am I doing, still looking at blue vans for that stick even when they are now in South Bend!!!!
If you were to write a special weather request to God it would have been what we had today.  High 70's, sunny, a bit of a breeze and perfect. 
I think I am in my post camp mode.  Did some things today, got some work done, drove some errands and all in all was happy with what I did.  I think I may still be a bit tired but not bad.  I think I may feel a bit of new energy and if that is true that would be great.
I am leaving Saturday morning to visit Aaron/Amy and then on to South Bend to see John/Mary's new home.  I am excited to see it.  Not too much time as Cynthia and I start our State Fair work on Wednesday, August 25 so need to be back for that.  I can hardly wait for 13 nights of work without a break with the hours from 6 PM to 6 AM!!!!
We will have our camp sharings tomorrow night at the community meeting which should be fun.  We will end it with a 10 min slide show which is always great.  That will be the end of camp for 2010.  The program directors  and I will meet in mid September to talk about the camp and then to head towards 2011.  There is no rest when you are having fun!
Will close for now.

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