Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

There is John/Mary/Henry/Liam and Audrey's new home.  It resides at 110 S Coquillard Dr, South Bend, IN 46617.  For those who may want to write or send a card you now have their address.  Everyone seems to be doing well.  Henry and Liam love their new school as Henry is 1st grade and Liam in all day K.  Audrey seems to be able to more than hold her own in whatever she does.  Mary, in her wonderful organized way is getting their new house to look like a cozy home.  John is in to his new position and I do think he is over doing the work but sometimes that needs to be done.  I hope he can keep his pace until there could be a day or two break perhaps in October or maybe not until Thanksgiving.   Grandpa was not thinking real well as he arrived the morning after they had slept in their house for the first time.  I know I was in the way as they were so busy but yet their were so kind and loving and I was able to be a wee bit of help on Monday before I headed home yesterday.  I was there long enough for Liam to get in yet another of his famous quotes which seem to come out of nowhere.  As Henry, Liam and Audrey were taking a walk with me Sunday night Liam comes up to me on his little scooter and says in his sweet 5 year old voice, "Grandpa, I savor this time with your!"  Where he comes up with these things only God knows but they are so special, so precious and are a big part of the reason grandpa is able to do OK with the grandkids.  I still struggle with my role as grandpa without grandma but it is getting somewhat better. 
It was a long trip in a short time.  I left Saturday morning and returned Tuesday evening and traveled 1060 miles.  Not really the ideal way to spend time alone but I did want to spent some time with Aaron/Amy as I had not seen them for some time and I wanted to see John/Mary's new place.  If they come to St. Paul for Thanksgiving I will travel to SB maybe not until the new year but if I do not see them in November I may venture down there in early December.
I talked to Aaron about getting a road bike.  I think it will happen and I am excited.  I may be a bit extravagant with it but now in my life who is to say do not do that!!!!   No, I wouldn't mortgage the house to buy it but I may get something that is somewhere beyond what I need.  I don't think I have done anything extravagant for myself since I decided to marry  Gail.
I am way behind in my pictures on the blog.  I have a great picture of Jude eating his cake at his 1st birthday party and some pictures of little Ruby Gail showing off her new teeth.  Will have to post those as the days go by.
Tomorrow Cynthia and I begin our 12 night work at the fair.  That means not much or maybe nothing will get done in the next 2 weeks.  However I do feel that I now have my feet on the ground again.  So much behind me and I am expecting so much ahead of me too.  I was amazed at a note I got yesterday.  A first year staff at camp wrote and said she thought camp went better than ever this year.  It just goes to show me how God works inspite of our weaknesses and shortcomings.  I certainly did not make camp that way so of course it had to be our wonderful God.
I have so much to do I am not sure where to start.  My dining room table is covered with papers, my clothes need to get into the washer, the suitcase needs to be unpacked and put away, much much yard work to do and for sure I need to get on the bike and ride a bit.  I missed that.  I was happy as when I was gone I was able to maintain my weight so I am hoping to continue my downward ways now again.  I NEED and WANT to lose 20 more pounds and then maintain that.
Forgot to mention that I did finish my 10 CD book on tape just before I arrived home yesterday.  The book was kind of goofy but it certainly makes the time go by faster than just driving and thinking!!  I also tend to get myself into trouble when I think too much.  I also keep track of my gas when I was gone and was pleased to see that I averaged 35+ MPG.  That also helps be justify my new car.   I know I don't need to do that but will try anyway.
I am very mindful of September 14 coming quickly.  I know that the date will not be a magical fix for me nor will it signal the end of something and the beginning of something else but still it is a day that looms large in my mind and I am almost afraid of it.  ONE YEAR--it can't be can it?  Oh my the grandkids are all so much bigger, Ruby Gail is new on the scene and my life is so so changed.  I almost can not wrap my mind around the changes but don't know if I need to.  Perhaps I just need to live one day at a time and depend on God to guide, love and lead me where ever that may be.  The way I am feeling now that may be right out doors to get some work done!!
No the day is going and I need to get off this chair.

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