Friday, August 6, 2010

The big day

No, camp has not started so that is not the reason for the big day.  If you are reading this August 7 it is little sister Helen's BIG birthday.  Need I say more!!!!!
Camp is here for me.  Saturday afternoon I will leave for camp and will not be home until Friday afternoon.  Staff comes out Sunday AM and campers flood the grounds at 4:00 PM on Sunday.  It should be a good time with God in the middle of everything. 
I will not blog until I get home as I will not have internet at camp.  Can I survive for a week without internet, I better be able to!
A year ago Gail and I were sad with the fact that Gail just did not feel good enough to come to camp.  Little did we know that she had only a month left with her earthly family at that time.  I remember talking to her each day and the week of camp was difficult for her.  Well this year I know camp will be fine but the week of camp coming up is likely to be difficult for me this year.  God will be there for sure, wonderful staff will be there also but my Gail will be cheering us on from heaven and for that I am happy for her but in my earthly world I will be sad, very sad. 
If you read this please pray for a safe camp and good weather.  It looks like it may be a bit hot but that is better than storms so bring on the heat and keep the storms away.
I will write again next Friday.


Anonymous said...

I pray for God to be at camp in power and show His love to all. For His presence to make it a time of worship, praise and thanksgiving. Blessings on you and all your staff and campers. May camp be a time of true fellowship and spiritual growth that brings glory to God.
Dave DVL

Brenda said...

I will be thinking about you & praying that this coming week of camp is full of blessings. Know that Gail is there with you in spirit.
I love the photo of you & the's precious.

- Brenda (Madden) Applegate

Anonymous said...

Carmen, the children have been praying for you each evening as camp nears. We can't wait to enjoy the experience with you!

Helen, we do not know you, but we sure have enjoyed the little bits Carmen shares about you. You are a wonderful blessing to your brother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!