Thursday, August 5, 2010

Count down

I now have a full day tomorrow and then it is out to camp on Saturday afternoon.  Things seem to be getting done but there are of course many loose ends yet.  Still a couple of campers who are they coming or not???  I am keeping my eye on the weather and I think it looks OK for camp.  Heat we can put up with but would rather have cool but for sure keep those storms away.  Not much fun to wake at 2:00 AM and have 300 people head for the dining room basement.

Our last full pre camp meeting tonight and it was pretty good.  One could always hope for better things but it seems we are on track for Sunday opening, we will see in a short time.

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Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful camp week. I know you're organized and everything will work out including the weather. You have enough faith for that! You have the best of staffs and people that are dedicated to the success. Relax and enjoy the good you do.
Love, Helen