Saturday, August 28, 2010

ONE year old Jude

Here is Jude at his 1st birthday party 2 weeks ago.  That cake was really really good.

Cynthia and I are now past day 2 of the fair with 10 more to go.  I have stayed up most of the night and it has gone fairly well.  I am now tired but hope to get more sleep in the days ahead.  I have not been able to come home and get in a good sleep.  Today I headed upstairs at 7:00 but could not sleep beyond 10 so not much there.  We are thankful for the weather as the nights have been a bit cool but not cold and no rain so far. 

Of course this is a different year from last year.  Last year Travis would insist I sleep during the late night hours as I would go home and care for Gail during the day.  What a difference a year makes!!!!

Talked to sister Joan last night and discussed the Lee family reunion coming up in July of 2011.  That sounds like a long time in the future but time goes so fast it will be here before we know it.  It should be a good time as we really have never had that kind of gathering.  I am hoping that most people can make it.

I find that with this fair work I have little energy in the afternoons.  I am planning and hoping to get work done when the fair ends and I have most days to work.  Much to do for sure. 

The weather is hot today.  I think the temp as I write is 88 so for those who are at the fair, HOT.  Cynthia and family went, hope they do not get too hot.

Not much to say.  I am in the survival mode for the next few days.

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