Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SEPTEMBER 14, 2009

One of my all time favorite pictures of Gail.  I feel that the picture captures her grace, her charm, her love, her beauty,  her determination and most of all that famous smile that just never seemed to fade.
Below is what was written in the blog a year ago today.
"Legends of angels opened heavenly gates and welcomed Gail at 12:40 PM today. We cry and despair for our earthly life will change forever but we rejoice for our dear sister, mother, wife, daughter and friend is forever with our Lord and I know He has BIG plans for her."

I need say not much more today.  I plan to greet the day as the sun comes up by sitting on the monument and thanking the Lord for the honor and privilege of being married to Gail for 41+ years, for having all the happy memories she provided for me, the children and many many others, for her unwavering service to God and all of his creation and most of all for her care and love of me and all our family.  I am sure it will be a sad day, a day of many tears but yet I am hopeful it can be a day of happy memories, of fun stories and of thankfulness for how good God has been to me and family.  My life is so so changed and I know the lives of the children are so different too because we lost our Gail.  But we do believe in eternal life and at some time we will all be together again and what a joyous occasion that will be.  As we mark time and wait for that to happen we must and we will live on with new things, new dreams and a life that needs to be full of love of God and love for each other.  

Travis, Cynthia, Mike, Faustina, Jude and I will meet at Travis' place late afternoon and sit around an outdoor fire, sharing, laughing, crying and having pie iron treats (The Lees call them Tonka toasts).  It is an outdoor food that is easy, fun and certainly one of Gail's favorites. 

I did have a fun time yesterday.  As I have ridden bike this summer I have mostly ridden solo, early in the morning and that has been good but last night I rode with a group of eleven riders.  It was a different experience but fun and that may be something I consider next spring.  This fall the biking season is not over but is beginning to draw to a close as the mornings are a bit chilly and likewise so are the evenings.  I am hopeful that  my road bike may be ready so that I can get a few miles on it before cold weather but we will see.  If it is not next spring will be fine.  Anyway biking has become a fun thing for me and it has also been a way to get in needed exercise and lose some weigh so it is a win-win situation. 


Anonymous said...

Today's feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross no doubt has deep meaning for you...as it should for us all. Gail carried her cross well as it also seems you have this past year. The happy memories, the feelings of pain, etc. are all real...your love of God gets you through life's challenges. God's blessing upon you!
PS- I too will miss the biking season...Zachary and I have enjoyed a considerable number of rides around south Moorhead (especially the playground stops!)

Anonymous said...

You are especially in my thoughts and prayers as you mark this milestone date. Your honest sharing of your struggles and your unwavering faith in the midst of them frequently brings tears to my eyes and I know they bring glory to God. Onward faithful soldier!
Mary Jo