Saturday, September 11, 2010

I did it and am out of gas

Here is Travis maybe in 1989 or so after a 80 mile race and he looks much much better than I did today after a non-race 31 mile ride.  It was fun but after about the 22 mile I was totally gassed and remained that way to the end.  The wind, gusts up to 25 mph, just wasted me big time.  It was fun meeting some new riders from the cycling club.  Roger, maybe 70+ or so, was a stronger rider than I and I really enjoyed getting to know him a bit.  At one time, maybe 30 years ago, he went on a 200+ ride in one day.  Don't think I will go there any time soon.  Really I found out, actually I already knew, that I am not in biking shape and I need to lose more weight.

I went back to my blog of September 11, 2009 and read it.  Gail had her last liquid this morning.  We turned off all phones and covered the door bell as it bothered her.  She wrote her last note on that day which I still have.  She wrote, "In the long scheme of things, where am I?"  Of course I could not say what I saw but rather I remember saying, "Honey, you will be just fine."  Now that is true because in a couple of days she met our Lord which meant she was very fine.

I must have been hurting as I wrote several questions like IF Gail dies, can I be happy? and CAN I be strong enough without my Gail?  The answers to those 12 months later is "in time but not for a while" and I do not think I can be strong enough without Gail.

I think I will need to put something in the tub and soak for a while.  I do hurt in places not to mention.  I think the warm water will feel good.  No riding tomorrow.

I think that is enough for today.  I am not sure what should come first, a bath or a nap.

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