Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The guys were a no show

OK now for the what is that????   A planned 45 mile bike trip today ended up with me and 4 ladies!  That was not my plan.  Some did not show for whatever reason so I guess the gals felt I was good for at least taking pictures.  The ride was really nice.  The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cool.  I do think that some how, some way I may have to do that same ride with the fall colors in their full splendor as the view on that bike trail is awesome.  The picture is taken on the veranda at the St. James Hotel where the food was very good and the seating was pleasant.  I am not sure 45 miles was the best idea but riding at a slow pace, 12-14 MPH was OK and all of my body parts feel like they still are functioning.

The men's group will be here in a short time so I need to make some popcorn.  My house remains a mess from the last few weeks of coming and going but really doing nothing in the house.  I also noticed as I drove into the driveway the grass needs to be cut.  I don't understand why those things can just not grow or whatever when a person is so busy.  Perhaps I should think about actually doing some work tomorrow, what a novel idea that is.  I do know that when my house is picked up I feel better about myself and the world so tomorrow it is "get in gear" day----maybe.

I continue to look back at this time last year and the memories are so vivid it almost seems like my life is flashing before my eyes and mind.  The thing I keep remembering is that Gail looked so good and her eyes were so beautiful and clear there was certainly an angelic appearance about her face.  At this time her smiles were more difficult to come by but when they did they were so real and so full of love.  Oh my, my emotions this last week or two have been close to the surface most of the time. 

No, that popcorn is needing to be popped.

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