Sunday, September 19, 2010

A time of change

I think I did a grandpa Lee today.  I put my camera in the car and headed out for the purpose of taking some pictures.  As you can see the pictures tell a story.  I really like the little birdie one.  We are in a changing season.  The chilly temps in the morning tell us something and the colors tell us the same story.  Summer is ending and fall/winter is around the corner.  And I would say we are turning that corner NOW.  We are certainly a ways away from the peak colors that God gives us to enjoy but the signs are all around us.  The day was a weather picture perfect kind of day.  Sunny, not much breeze and warm but not hot temps.  I am hoping that most people were able to enjoy a walk, a lazy time sitting in the sun or a pleasurably bike ride.  If a person missed it today, well you will not find a better day anytime soon, or maybe never.

I did spend some time outside and inside.  There is this never ending tale in my house.  Papers out of place, clothes not put away, dust on the bookcase top, dishes in the sink, bed in need of making and that is just a start!!  So I did spend some time picking, wiping, putting, cleaning and things like that.  It always makes me have a better outlook on life when I finish things but why should I have to do it so often???  A novel thought: Maybe I should ALWAYS pick up after myself as I go.  Should I give it a try?

Once again I am telling myself that I should go to bed early.  Will it happen, I do not know but for sure it can't if I don't try so here goes.

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