Monday, March 23, 2009

The beginning

Hi to all

This blog stuff is new to us but we will give it a try. The reason for doing this is to let you know Gail's story as it unfolds. A quick quick summary. Gail was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2003. After surgery, chemo, radiation plus a year of weekly treatments she was doing fine and the world seemed good! In December of 2008 we decided to go on somewhat of a health kick and lose weight. As we lost some weight and exercised Gail found a small lump on her chest. That was in late January. Over the last month medical tests have revealed cancer in her neck, her sternum, in her liver and perhaps in her spine. Because her cancer is now labeled HER2-negative there is limited treatment. Gail did start the recommended treatment, hormone therapy, 3 weeks ago. The side effects were not good. Because of that we have decided to not go farther with that treatment.


Gail is currently feeling well. Actually if she had not discovered the lump in January she would not know what was happening in her body. What are we doing---for now we are asking everyone to pray for a healing. We believe our God is the healer and we pray that his intent is to heal Gail. Of course we do not know God's mind but we pray daily for Gail's health to return. We invite you to pray our prayer with us. We have printed it on this blog. We pray it each night before we go to bed.
We have also changed our eating somewhat. More fruit, more veggies, less sugar and white flour and the list goes on a bit more. It seems that eating that way is a better way regardless if one is trying to beat cancer or not but we believe it will help Gail's body return to good health.
I should say that we are continuing to live life to the fullest in the ways we know so on our blog you will often see pictures of Audrey, Faustina, Leo, Liam and Henry. They certainly are a joy for us as we see and experience them growing way too fast.
On the family side Cynthia/Mike are expecting #2 at the end of August so that is exciting.

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