Sunday, November 21, 2010

Every little bit helps

Every little bit helps.  I spent much of my weekend moving, sorting, throwing, recycling, cleaning and I have much more to do but as the pictures show some work was finished.  The pile of wood is toungue and groove ash (300 board feet), hard maple and a log that could be used for a bench, fireplace etc.  The bench is beginning to look like I may be able to do some work on it.  I have not been able to get into the shop since Gail died.  I still can hear her words when I showed her a table leg which I had made in May of 2009.  She said, "Carmen I can not die yet because I want to see all the beautiful things you will make out of wood.  Each time I walk into my shop I hear those words and the emotions just well up and take over any energy I may have entered with.  This weekend was a bit different.  I was able to do some things and I am hopeful that I will get some work done.  I have a few projects to complete, that is if the people they are for still have the patience to wait for me. 
The weekend has been a slow, peaceful, kind of a lazy time.  Have not heard or seen any family or really any friends either so it has been kind of a "go it alone time" for me.  I continue to try to focus on "decluttering", keeping the weight off, getting some exercise in and just being the kind of person I feel God is asking me to be.  I did get a couple of loads of clothes washed and I used the dryer for the first time this year as I have been hanging things on the line. 
I did enjoy having the Binde's stay over night Friday and then making breakfast for them Saturday morning before they continued on their way to Washington DC for their fall trip. 
I also did have a follow up Dr. appt Friday morning and all is fine.  Sometimes I feel they want you to come back for advice or whatever just to get their co-pay.  I hope I am finished with Dr. for a while.
Not much more to say.  I do have  few things to do before Aaron/Amy arrive Wednesday for turkey day.  It will be fun to see them again but for sure will miss John/Mary and kids.  I am hoping to see them in early December but not sure yet.  I want to travel down there but have not made final plans yet. 
I need to do some paper work tonight.  I received a call from Chase today saying that someone had tried to charge $10,000+ on my credit card.  Wow, I had better do my homework to be sure things are in order there.  Got to go.

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