Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home again

Here is one of my favorite deer hunting pictures!!  I know these are geese, not deer but it is what it is!! 

The deer won again this year.  Not many signs, not many deer but I will admit that maybe they were playing right below my deerstand as I took pictures.  I sat in that darn stand for 11 hours on Saturday and again the same on Sunday.  Then on Monday I sat there for about 3 hours and never fired my gun.  I thought that maybe, just maybe if I sat there all week I may get off a shot and then I asked myself do I want to sit here for a week??  I decided that would not be a lot of fun so I came home yesterday afternoon.  I really did enjoy most of the time there.  I arrived in the stand about 90 min before sunrise and at that time the sky was clear and the stars were spectacular.  I marveled when I would see a star shoot across the sky and wonder how God ever came up with such a creation plan.  As the sun would peak over the horizon the sky would turn many many colors and it was fun to see the changes.  I also enjoyed looking across the land and seeing only darkness then slowly, ever so slowly land forms, trees and all the rest would appear as the light came and it would look almost like magic. 
That being said I really did have my heart set on a deer but it was not to be.  I did have a deer in my scope twice and could have shot but it was so so far that I decided not to fire.  Maybe another time or another place.
I do need to go get Wallace today.  He is at the Obergs and he may not want to come home as he loves them and for sure those young kids.  He will be spoiled for sure. 
I also will get the bike trainer today as Jean Larken will drop it off this afternoon.  I will not use it for some time as here we are November 9th and the temp is supposed to be 67 today.  One must ride outside when it is that warm so will climb on the bike this afternoon and go for a ride.  I am guessing that not often would a person be able to go for a nice ride this late in the fall. 
I think I need to get my razor out too as I have about a week of stubble on the face.  Most of it is gray and maybe if I leave it people will think I am old and smart or most likely they will just think I am old!!!

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