Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's OK to pretend

I hopped in the pickup this morning and drove into Wisconsin about 45 miles to cut down my Christmas tree.  BUT the picture you see is not from today.  It is from 2 years ago!  WHY??  Well the story is in 2005 Gail and I drove to get a tree at Wagon Landing Tree Farm.  In 06, 07 and 08 John/Mary and kids came and we stopped on the way home each time for lunch.  Last year John/Mary/family and I went to get a tree and then there was 1!!!  The 1 is "I" so I felt why not do the same thing even if I go solo and so I did.  However I did not stop at the family cafe as we always did but rather there was a fast stop at McDonald's on the way home.  My my how things change quickly.  I did get a Fraser Fir again but decided not to get such a large one.  Mainly because I am not great at making it look pretty and the smaller the better for me.  I decided not to go too far back so I did not go to Gail/my first Christmas when we settled for a Charlie Brown tree that was about 2 feet tall nor did I go back to the next year when we lived in Old Main on campus of the North Dakota School for the Deaf and our ceilings were 12 feet tall.   We picked out the tree that was left in the lot which the local church did not want and it reached to almost the 12 foot ceiling!!    Anyway my tree is now in the truck in the garage and I will have to decide when to bring it in and put it up. 
The last few days have been busy busy busy.  Aaron/Amy and kids arrived Wednesday afternoon and were here until Friday late afternoon.  Cynthia/Mike and kids were here for Thursday and again some on Friday.  Also for Thanksgiving were Lizzia, Betina and from Mike's family Jeanne and Jordan.  It was a fun day, good food and great conversation.
Yesterday I was out and about for a while and finished the little shopping I need to do.  Well I do have to figure out stocking stuffers and actually I am sure I do not have enough stockings so not sure what I should do about that.  I find it difficult to pick out things for little girls so struggled a bit with Audrey's and Faustina's presents.  Ruby Gail's was a bit easier as she is not yet 1 so a stuffed animal is fine.  Getting something for Jude was a slam dunk as he loves to throw the ball and I had purchased things for the 3 older boys some time ago.  For them I probably went with things that are a bit old for them but it should be OK.
I spent some time yesterday getting rid of about a dozen things that are now too large for me.  I do not like things to fit tightly but some of the shirts and pants were beyond the loose fit and well into the baggy tag and that was not good.  Goodwill here I come tomorrow.  I also was able to clean up my bedroom as I had let things slip a bit and it looked like a room of disaster.  I have now made my bed so many days without missing that I am almost ready to say it is a habit.  NOT yet but soon can I say that.
I have been able to get on my bike on the trainer Aaron left here but am finding that I am out of shape big time.  I rode for only 20 minutes yesterday and 25 minutes today and I was sweaty and tired.  I did get the seat adjusted and I think that helps me much so I do sit better on the bike.  I think the resistance in the trainer makes riding a bit more taxing than if one were on the road but I do not think that is all bad. 
The weather is glorious for late Thanksgiving.  As I sit here it is sunny and in the high 40's so can not get much better than that.  Keep it coming Lord.
The Binde's will be stopping by this afternoon as they used my I Pass on their trip to DC and will travel back this way today.  Will be fun to hear of the good times they had.
Need to get going so that is enough for now.

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Anonymous said...

Just a small comment, the dollar store has xmas stockings for $1.00 great buy because the kids run off with them,and you never see them again. Bryan and Luisa and kids were here for four days, they just left this morning and it is storming again. Tooooo much turkey and dressing, need to exercise for a week. HA HA