Monday, November 22, 2010

My get up and go has got up and went!

The picture is of my recycling a week ago.  Today I also had 3 large boxes of things out.  It is good to have so much of those things out and gone but of course there is so much more to do.  I often ask myself why did I keep so many things so long?  The answer is unimportant but never the less I do ask it.  Yesterday day I spent much time in my wood shop.  I found things that I have not seen for a LONG time.  Why why why?
  Perhaps it is laziness, or too much work, or lack of money or maybe just a matter of what have been my priorities over the last 33 years.  Whatever the answer I want, I need to declutter, clean and have things in OK order.  I am hoping to make another trip to the refuse place today but by the title of my morning write I may not get there.
I woke up with great ideas, great plans and a desire to "get it done".  THEN I climbed out of bed and wilted.  Even though the house was warm I was chilly, even though I was rested I felt tired, I looked at the temp and it said 30, that is warm but when I went outside I thought it was cold, I wanted a nice breakfast but settled for a cold slice of meat on a bun.   The point is something left me from the point of waking up to the point of getting dressed and I can't find it!!!  I am thinking a nap may help but that sounds pretty pathetic at 9:00 AM.  Then again maybe I don't feel well and a rest would help:)  I actually think that could be building a case for laziness.
Regardless of what I do or don't get done today I am thankful for good health, a house to live in, enough resources to live on and a God that is so loving, so forgiving and so protective that I feel like a king.  Thank you Lord.
As I write I am sipping my french press coffee and it may be giving me some energy.  I will sign off and see if the get up and go that got up and went is anywhere to be found!
I have an idea.  As we look at this week we are marching towards Allen/Debbie's 34th wedding anniversary on Friday.  You may want to pick out a card and send it to them telling them what a wonderful family they have and what a wonderful couple they are.  They are responsible for me being in this house as we needed money for a down payment and they gave us $10,000 as a loan so that we could close.  Thanks again Al/Deb.

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I enjoy reading your reflections. You are a good writer. God bless you.

Jason A.