Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A great helper

Faustina came with me to the voting place so she could let me know who I should vote for.  She was a great help and I am sure between her and grandpa we voted for all of the winners!!
I will spent much of tomorrow getting the final things ready for deer hunting and then will leave later in the week.  I am hoping Dale has that big buck tied up for me but then again maybe that should not happen. 
I had a fire in the fire place for the first time this fall.  It was almost too warm but really was fun and the little ones were here to help me enjoy it.  I was wishing Leo, Liam, Henry could have been here to roast hot dogs.  We will have to do that over Thanksgiving or Christmas. 
The election results are pretty much in and it looks like we will have a split congress so can that lead to more cooperation and getting things done???  It perhaps is doubtful.  The way our elected officials seem to think that it always has to be their way or the highway it almost wants us to go back to the "good old days" where they argued and argued and then at 11:59 PM they huddled in the back room and came out at 12:05 AM with a deal that was OK for all and not great for anyone!  Those statements probably tell people that I am over 60!   Whatever happens it sure would be nice if our elected officials knew how to argue, debate and get outraged but in the end knew how to compromise and get something done.

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