Saturday, November 13, 2010

No more Indian summer

Here is a picture of the snow about 2-3 inches ago!!!  It goes without saying that outdoor biking is history for a while and the order of the day for several months is probably indoor activities.  No complaints as you either like Minnesota weather or you can move and I don't plan to move.
I see that the last blog was Wednesday.  I can't believe that but I guess the computer does not lie.  I say to myself that I will blog each day and then I sit down to do it and the last one was 3 days ago. 
The weekend is here and there are no big plans.  With the snow I think it may be best to stay home, light the fireplace and either read or clean the den.  I know I SHOULD clean but will see if I do.  I almost finished going through the garage attic.  I started 23 garbage bags ago and am almost finished.  More than once I begin to say to myself "Gail why did you keep this" and then I thought of all the things I could do better and I then changed my thoughts to "Gail you were so wonderful and I loved you so much".  I may take a bit of time to put some things up there that are on shelves in the front of the garage.  I think that would help me get the car in between the shelves on the west and the wood on the east.  It may not be until early next week before the car goes in but it will happen for sure.  I currently have about 4-6 large boxes of recycle things that are sitting there and they can not go out until Monday AM. 
It will be interesting to see if the snow stays.  I think it will melt as the temps are supposed to get into the low 40's or at least the high 30's in the next few days and there is still a lot of warmth in the ground. 
My back took a turn for the worse a few days ago.  Not as bad as last July but not real good either.  I have been on IB and ice for a few days and it does seem to be a little better each day.  As I move around it is not too bad but if I sit for a while getting up is a pain, really a PAIN.

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