Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time flies

Oh my how the time goes by so fast.  It is now Thursday and it seems like it should be Tuesday or so.  I don't really know if that is good or bad but for sure it means that I am not bored in any way.
Some things that have happened this week. 
  • Enjoyed dinner at the Winds last night.  Susan is such as wonderful cook.  The stew last night was to die for and of course I ate too much. 
  • Am going out again for dinner tonight and am looking forward to it.
  • Travis and I went out for lunch today as a belated birthday meal.  Not like the birthday meals Gail used to so enjoy making for the kids but that is the way life is right now.
  • I took the last load of junk out today.  That means that not only is the garage front attic clean but all the junk that was up there is now in junk heaven.  After so many bags, so much recycling and $60 poorer it does feel good.  I have already started to put some seasonal things up there to clear out the front of the garage.  Hope to get that done and a car in soon.
  • Today was meditation day but instead the guys came and we enjoyed breakfast while sharing what God is doing in our lives currently.  I over slept a bit but still the egg dish was ready by 6:20 AM so not too bad.  We currently have 7 guys, including me, who come and it is always a rich time in the Lord.
  • Had a meal over at Cynthia's earlier this week.  She made a dish out of kale from my garden spot.  It was strong but I ate it all so almost feel like Popeye now!!
  • Have finished the plans for Thanksgiving day next week.  Am looking forward to A/A coming but we sure will miss J/M.
It looks like winter is here to stay.  Not much snow in the forecast but the temps will stay down so all the snow will not melt.  At this time we probably have 2-3 inches on the front lawn.  For this time of year not bad and really the weather has been nice. 
Enough for now.

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