Friday, December 3, 2010

Time goes just too fast

Here it is Friday and it seems that I blogged only yesterday but it really was Sunday.
The week has gone very fast.  What have I done???
  • I have been able to ride bike indoors each day for about 30 min or so
  • Had 2 breakfasts out with friends
  • Had 5 guys over for meditations Thursday at 6:00 AM
  • Cynthia/Mike/Faustina and Jude have been here since Wednesday afternoon as they are having some work done on their wood floors.  The smell is too strong to stay there.  They may be here tonight again.
  • I totally finished my Christmas shopping
  • Have gotten out the invitations for my open house next Friday
  • Have gotten out about 15 Christmas cards so far.  At this point I will send out cards as I get some
I guess that is the bulk of what I have done.  I can not believe how fast the time flies.  Here we are at December 3 already and almost finished with the first week of Advent.
Not too much more to say.  I do need to do some serious work in the house before my friends/neighbor open house next Friday but that is a week away so do have some time.  Before that I need to get the tree in and put up some decorations so a person knows that Christmas is coming.  Of course that is a VERY strong point in my skills so I am sure when all is finished it will look really really nice. NOT    Really it is not that bad but it always was Gail's thing and I never helped too much but one can always learn new things.  I think last year it turned out not too bad.

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