Monday, December 6, 2010

A relearning of a life lesson--AGAIN

Here we are on a Monday morning.  Another weekend is in the books and we are ever so close to Christmas.  Seems that Christmas now comes more than once a year the time flies by so fast!
I had an uneventful weekend but I did relearn a life lesson.  One should not have expectations of others for many reasons.  I went into more than one situation last weekend with expectations.  Of course when a person does that more often than not the other person or persons do not know what is on your mind.  When that happens of course things will not happen as one wants or thought they should.  Let down!!!  What I am talking about was not life changing, not terribly disappointing, not really that important but still when things happen like that they tend to be a bit of a downer.  So as I was in bed last night thinking of the day I was able to realize that what I had experienced was really a short coming on my part.  I know and I realize that I should go into social situations or family situations or what ever with things in mind that I need to give or things in mind that I need to do but to have expectations of others is a recipe for failure as all too often expectations are not met or not even possible.  And even more they many not even be right!   So as I slept last night I asked for grace to change, to realize that my shortcomings come all too often.
I am looking at some work that needs to be done before my open house on Friday.  Not a lot but some cleaning, some decorating, some ordering of things that need to be done.  It will be interesting and fun to see if the open house this year is as successful as last year.  I hope it is as people who came last year seemed to have fun and enjoy gathering, talking, sharing and having treats and eats that went with the season.
I do have a breakfast get together this morning at 7:15 with Jim C.  It seems like we have not gotten together for some time but we have tried to do it monthly. 
In the family we have John's birthday Wednesday.  It is so hard to believe that Gail's little red head and my little boy arrived 41 years ago.  Gail was so so ready to be a mother and oh my goodness she did such a wonderful job.
Maybe I will make myself some french press coffee before I meet Jim as we are going to a place where the coffee would be a B- at best.

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