Friday, December 17, 2010

I love that dog

Here is Wallace showing how much he loves me.  He is sound asleep using my shoes as a reminder that he loves to be near me!!
Not much new on my end.  I have been kind of marking time in some ways.  Can hardly wait to see everyone for Christmas, especially those little ones from South Bend.  It has been 4 months so I may not know who they are as they probably are so big now. 
I have gotten some work done in the house in preparation for Christmas.  I will share the details later. 
It seems like yesterday day that I had the open house and here it is a week ago so there again time flies when you are having fun.  I finally got the last of the things put away yesterday, things that are used only for parties etc.  Of course I again will get them out when Christmas comes. 
I did drive down to Burnsville today as that is now the closest woodworking store.  Well actually there is one in Bloomington but I like the one in Burnsville better.  While I was there I stopped in at the Burnsville shopping mall.  I think that is the first time I have been there.  I remembered our friends Marty and Dick Weber while I was there.  For some reason that was Marty's favorite place to shop.  Both of them died at a fairly young age several years ago.  Marty had some illness that caused her finger to just shrink and disappear kind of.  I remember how brave she was and how difficult it was for her to go places but she did get to all of her son's soccer games etc.  Times past, wow the memories are there for sure.
I did get over to John Krause's place tonight as some of us helped him get much junk out of his garage.  It is in my pick up now and will drive it out to the junk place tomorrow.  It was nice to help him get some of that stuff out of the place.  As I was driving home I thought about the attic in the garage and the fact that it is now clean--- so so thankful for the energy and means to get that done this fall.
Enough for now as it is way way way past my bed time.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Wallace needs another of those expensive haircuts! Can't wait to see pics of everyone at Christmas, I know you'll take a few. Have a great time with all.