Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A future rock star!!!!

Here is Liam on Christmas Eve playing his new guitar and rocking to Christmas music!!!  He fashioned a new hair style just for the song and I have to say he looks grand!!!!  For a 5 1/2 year old guy he is certainly a hoot to be around and observe.  He has a heart of gold and a mind that I dearly love. 
Here we are only a short time away from a new year.  What will it bring, what will happen and how will God appear in our lives daily??  They are questions that only time will answer and we wait, pray and hope each day. 
Today we have a wonderful weather day.  It is about +30 with bright sunny skies and no wind.  I see where it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow and Thursday with maybe rain!  How can that be when we have at least 3 feet of snow on the ground?  We have had record snows for the month of December and there really is not much space to put more.  I should get out to clear out the driveway again.  It was all clear before the last snow but when it snows all one has to do is drive on it once before the shovel hits it and it is packed down. 
In about a half hour there should be a dozen or more people here and it will be time to have hot dogs over the fire in the fireplace and then sit back and enjoy smores for dessert!!  The fire has been stoked since 8:30 so grandpa is ready.  Tonight a friend of John/Mary's is coming over and then the sad part---tomorrow morning the whole crew packs up and heads to IN again.  I have told them time and time again that it is a BAD idea but to no avail.  No I believe they are in the right place, the place God wants and intends for them but it is really too far away for grandpa.  So what do I do???  I guess I make the best of things and stand proud that they so carefully listen to God and what he desires for them.  It is indeed a wonderful thing when anyone of us can pray, listen, hear and obey our Lord.  It sounds like God is blessing John in his work and their family in many ways so Thank you Lord. 
I need to check the fire and get things ready for the hot

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