Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Here we are at Christmas 2010.  May our mighty God continue to be with us, continue to love us, continue to be patient with us and protect us from the wrongs of our world.  Thank you for your Son, Jesus, who came to save us, love us and be an example for us.
It has been a busy place round here.  John/Mary/Henry/Liam and Audrey make for a full and fun home.  Better company, better food, more fun and all the rest when the home is full and busy.  Not much time to blog as this wireless is still giving me trouble and do not like to have it sitting in the kitchen with kids around.
I forgot to put out the stockings last night so had to do it at 5:30 this morning but you could guess Henry and Liam were up!!!
No I need to go, put the french press coffee on and spend some time with those guys.  They are getting so so big.  They each opened one present last night and Liam got a guitar.  He is such a performer!!  He may be the rock star some day.  His moves already can rival the best----at 5 years old?????

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