Sunday, December 12, 2010

A party--A storm-A time to relax

Wow so much in so little time over these last 48 hours. 
To start out the open house was a success.  I am guessing about 40 people came to enjoy goodies, the season spirit and wonderful conversation.  We had too much food but why would one complain about that??  Cynthia's lefsa was again a hit as the picture shows.  Faustina and Mary Oberg became great friends and I did not get a picture of Jude but he had to be the hit of the party.  With his chubby legs, his famous smile and then running around in his diaper showing off his figure he was a hoot!!  I was happy the storm held off as 40 people over night---I don't think so!!!
I woke up to much snow yesterday.  I am guessing the yard stick is pretty much proof that we got about 19 inches.  I put the yard stick down until I hit the old hard snow so it is real.  As I write this morning, Sunday, I am the only one with a shoveled walk on my side of the street.  I have my driveway open but the street is about impassible so it is once again home alone for the day.  Wallace was so good as he did not want to venture out into the snow to do his business but he did and you can see that he and I could play house out there as the path to the garage is deeper than he is tall. 
The storm is kind of nice.  No mail, no paper and no company.  That means I can do computer work, read, watch TV, sit and think, pray, take a nap and all is fair play as the outside is off limits for now.  Don't start the car, don't venture out in the -30 degree wind chill, just hang out in the house and pretend that one is on vacation.  I did forget but maybe I should turn off the ringer on the phone.  I do know without a doubt that this kind of mini-vacation makes sisters Helen and Joan want to live in the midwest again!
With this snow and cold I am beginning to think about a possible vacation in January where I could stop at Helen/Mike's for a time, go to Flordia and visit a couple of friends who spend part of the winter there and then drive back and spend time in South Bend and Madison.  If I do that I would need to be back for Grandma Saunder's birthday February 5 but 4 or 5 weeks in warmer weather sounds kind of fun. Maybe??  It would be pretty exciting to put the bike in the car and head out to places one could ride.  Oh I almost forgot I suppose I would need to see if Helen/Mike are going to be home as they travel sometimes.   Anyway it is nice to dream and we will see.
No I had better see if there is any food in this house.

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