Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday John

 Forty-one years ago John came into our lives and of course things were never the same in a good way.  He always had a way of reving things up, making things happen, exploring the new, doing things differently and in general making family interesting, fun, loving and new.  Today of course he has a wonderful family, is practicing being a super husband and father and as always makes his dad (and of course in the past his mother) proud of him.  Each of my children, in their own way, are creative, fun, loving and precious but today I salute you John as one of the BEST!
I continue to prepare for the open house Friday.  I brought some coffee to Cynthia this morning to thank her for the goodies on the deck but she said they were not from her.  So someone out there thinks I need help in Christmas goodies and decorations and they may be right.  Who ever left things on the deck for me a huge THANK YOU and next time let me know who you are so I can thank you in person.
I put the lights on the tree this morning so now must arrange them and get some decorations up.  I am not making a big deal of Christmas decorations but need to do a few things. 
I pray this Advent season will be great for all.

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