Monday, December 13, 2010

A new day and all is white

Here is Niles Ave looking east towards St. Kate's.  The snow ended about 4:00 PM or so on Saturday and this picture is at about 4:00 PM Sunday.  No sign of snow plows yet.  As I write today there has been some plowing which means one can drive (carefully) on Niles.  The day is bright and COLD.  Not really as cold as the forecast said but at about -7 with a breeze it reminds one that winter is here.
Not much planned for the day.  Will have to get out and about later today as I have been home since Friday AM and it seems like I need to get some fresh air and new scenes.  Not that I don't like my home but enough is enough so will venture out later this morning.  Maybe I can find something to shop for even though I am pretty much finished with Christmas shopping.  Fleet Farm sounds kind of inviting.  I enjoy looking at the sporting goods and farm toys.  Maybe I should pick up an international M tractor just like the good old days!!  No I guess I am beyond that so will look at something else.  Anyway my driveway is shoveled and the street is kind of passable so will get out to rid myself of this "closed in" feeling. It actually would not be a bad idea to go for a walk but I think I will ride bike inside for exercise today.
I did finish picking up the house yesterday as party things were all over the place.  Got the table back in place, the card table down, the dishes washed and now it is what do I do with the left over pop and candy??  I could save it for when John/Mary come but I kind of think they may not want the kids to feast on that kind of stuff.  If I do that they may not want to come back to visit and that would be bad.
I think I may jump on the bike for a while, shower after that and head out to Fleet Farm to see if I can spend a dollar or two.

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